Our Mission and Philosophy

Kiddieland Kinder & Nursery School offers a quality child care program based on providing a healthy and safe learning environment that contributes to the development of our children’s self-esteem; all possible through the combination of discipline and respect from the children, teachers, and families alike, working together to create a pleasant surrounding where children can move freely and widen their imaginations to a maximum. 

As professionals, we know that it is crucial for children to feel that learning is fun. Therefore, teaching the different learning concepts and helping them to develop their physical, cognitive and social abilities while at play will not only help parents feel secure when leaving their children but also assuring them that they will be in a proper environment full of love and warmth.  

Here at Kiddieland Kinder & Nursery School, teachers and director work together to form a team, capable of fulfilling our goals, eager to listen to new propositions/ideas and carefully revising our weekly lesson plans in order to directly expose the child to new learning concepts.  

We hope to exceed in providing a child care program versatile to all children, where wellbeing and security, together with developing a Creative Curriculum full of activities will not only satisfy but also stimulate the learning mind of each child individually.  That is our mission.


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Our Address:

Kiddieland Kinder and Nursery School
481 Grand Canal Dr.
Miami, FL. 33144
(305) 261-7023